It seems that now you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a ‘Like our Facebook page’ or Twitter hashtag plastered over every other advert. According to global consulting firm Accenture these actually work!

A new study which delves into the stats for these social media icons says (in the US) 1 in 3 TV viewers went on to socially interact with a brand as a result of seeing one of these ads…

The most common action for those who did interact with the brand was to Like it’s Facebook page (20%), 7% went on to search for a hashtag on Twitter and another 5% used Shazam right on their Sofa. Surprisingly 11% of the people that interacted with the brand scanned a QR code on their smartphones, a rather large number seeing as these have had far from mainstream public uptake so far.

Graph 300x236 Social Media Icons On TV Ads Deliver Results Now comes the negative part, people aren’t necessarily engaging with these ads as they want to be social or connect with the brand but more for access to deals and coupons. This is something that Europe seems to be slow to catch on to, meaning we very rarely see any real reason to get our iPhone (or Andriod equivalent)’s out and search for that #cornflakes tag that Kelloggs just had stuck to the bottom of their ad, not at least until we get something tangible in return.